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Learning with Lauri® Party

We had a blast testing out our new learning games from  #WeLoveLauri and #tryazon .   Our favorite was the  Action-Stackers Little Builder Set since everyone could join in on the fun!

 Lauri products began with the creation of Fit-A-Space in 1961 by a retired school teacher. The product line provides Montessori style, educationally sound learning activities available at affordable prices. Fans of Lauri are fans for life and often preschool teachers, grandparents and parents of children with all abilities, share stories of passing Lauri toys onto the next generation. 

Other benefits unique to the line: • Durable • Tactile • Multi-functional • Affordable • Educational • Enjoyable  

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Snazaroo Paint a Smile for Summer

Not just your typical face paint!  

The kids had a blast at their face painting party, hosted by #tryazon and #snazaroo!  The paint pens were so easy, even the young kids could use them with ease.  Having 2 red heads in the group, we worried about how these would be react on their skin.  The line boasts "suitable for sensitive skin" and they were correct.  No issues at all!  They have amazing online tutorials to help with ideas.  Best part is they are washable and we had no tears when it was time to take off, which happens all the time with our Halloween makeup.  This face paint is a keeper!  

Learn more about the available products here, and use code “SUMMERPARTY” to receive a 20% discount! 

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Simple Truth® & Simple Truth Organic®

I was hesitant about the organic pizza crust and sauce with my picky eaters, but they loved it!  We had a blast making our pizzas and even more fun eating them.  I loved how crispy the crusts were on the pizzas and was surprised when the kids went back for more.  I would love to have them eating healthier and now I can, even on pizza night!  The pack comes with 2 pizza crusts, which was perfect for my family of 5.  Next time, we will make an adult toppings pizza too. #freesamp #ad


Simple Truth is taking a classic comfort food to a whole new level. New Simple Truth Organic™ Classic Thin & Crispy Vegan Pizza Crusts are USDA organic, non-GMO and made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients — just deliciously fresh crusts that bake perfectly in minutes. Simply load them up with your favorite toppings and pop them in the oven for an almost instant dinner.

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Numbers Alive Pi(e) Day Party - Tryazon

Numbers Alive

What an awesomely fun party for 3.14 day!  Cute Party Accessories to make the celebration all the more fun!  Our plush Pi figure cooked up some sweet treats for our guests.

 NumbersAlive! specializes in explaining mathematical concepts via every-day language to demystify math for children of all ages. The products that they offer have been designed to build a childhood foundation for lifelong mathematical education - without worksheets or flashcards. NumbersAlive! plush toys give children a uniquely hands on way of interacting with numbers. Whether to provide a visual aid in working through early math, or simply to play with, NumbersAlive! plush number toys are just the right to tool to engage children in learning. And what better way to celebrate Pi at your events than with real Pie!

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Super Mario Bros. Power Up Card Game

Blast from the past!!  We received this Super Mario Bros. Power up Game to try out and were so excited to relive some childhood memories with our kids.  This was a great board game.  The kids, and adults, had the best time!  This will become a family game night fave!

The Super Mario Bros. Power Up Card Game takes you beyond the Warp Zone to the secret underwater world of one of Nintendo’s most iconic video games! Take risks and use your wits to keep or trade Level cards. “? Block” cards modify scores while Extra Life tokens keep you afloat to win with the highest Level in the game! 

 Super Mario Bros.™ Power Up Card Game: Underwater Edition 

• Recommended Age: 8+ Great for families! • Number of Players: 3-8 

• Sold exclusively at Walmart 

• Perfect for families, small parties and friends old and new. 

• Includes: 52 Level Cards, 30 "? Block" Cards, & 50 Extra Life Tokens 

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