Couponing & other Frugal Tips

Couponing & other Frugal Tips

Couponing & other Frugal TipsCouponing & other Frugal Tips



Print Coupons

Printable Coupons are a great way to grab coupons to use in addition to those weekly inserts. Remember, each coupon can be printed twice so don't forget to refresh the browser and print again!


Why Couponing Works


Most people make a shopping list each week while glancing at the weekly ad and coupon inserts from their Sunday paper. They use that week’s coupons to buy the items on sale that week. Then they toss the coupon inserts along with the weekly ads and do the same thing next week. Most people do not realize that the best way to use coupons is to save the inserts and use them a few weeks after they come out. 

If you take the time to learn the sale cycle of items, you can be saving 50% or more on the items you purchase every day. Most things run through a 6 week sale cycle and the longer you coupon, the more familiar you will become with what goes on sale and when. When you see these prices, you know it is time to stock up! 

The reason couponing works so well is because you can save coupon inserts to use on an item when it goes on sale at its “stockpile price”, or the lowest price it will reach during that 6 week sale cycle. If you buy enough of the item to last you until it goes on sale again, you will not have to buy that item at retail price. 


Couponing Bootcamp

Purchase my Couponing Bootcamp ebook from Amazon. You will get a 4 week, step-by-step lesson on how to become an Effective Couponer!