Numbers Alive Pi(e) Day Party - Tryazon

Numbers Alive

What an awesomely fun party for 3.14 day!  Cute Party Accessories to make the celebration all the more fun!  Our plush Pi figure cooked up some sweet treats for our guests.

 NumbersAlive! specializes in explaining mathematical concepts via every-day language to demystify math for children of all ages. The products that they offer have been designed to build a childhood foundation for lifelong mathematical education - without worksheets or flashcards. NumbersAlive! plush toys give children a uniquely hands on way of interacting with numbers. Whether to provide a visual aid in working through early math, or simply to play with, NumbersAlive! plush number toys are just the right to tool to engage children in learning. And what better way to celebrate Pi at your events than with real Pie!

First Alert - Smiley 360

We received the First Alert Smoke & Carbon Monoxide 3pk Alarm system from Smiley 360.  I hope we never have to see how these work, but upon testing them, they really seem like they would provide us with an early alarm should anything be detected.  My favorite part was how easy they were to install and how all 3 "speak" to each other.  If an alarm should go off in one area of the house, the other 2 units would sound the same alarm, letting us know where the problem is.  This is an excellent system and would recommend to all households!  Sign up for Smiley360 HERE!