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Review: Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths

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*ALL Items received for this review were provided to me for FREE from Crowdtap. I am asked to try the products and provide them with my true and honest opinion of each product*

If you would like to join Crowdtap for free and review similar products, CLICK HERE.

Cottonelle Flushable wipes

As a mom, wipes are just something I always carry. In my purse, in my car, wherever I am…..I always have wipes. Travel packs are something I am looking for as I am always on the go with 2 little boys. I was excited to see what Cottonelle had in the way of travel wipes and the bonus was that they are flushable. I have a son with potty issues and when he has to go, he has to go. I keep wipes in his backpack as an extra comfort to him while at school that if he has to go, he will feel fresh when he is finished and ready to get back to work. Up until now, I have had to buy bigger packages of flushable wipes and put some in a baggie for him. I have been looking for a package small and discreet that would fit in his bag, that he would remember to take to the restroom with him.
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Cottonelle Routine

Travel packs of Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths with CleanRipple Texture let you take that Cottonelle® clean feeling so you can Go Commando wherever you want this summer. Plus, you can discreetly flush them without a care thanks to SafeFlush Technology™. Answer the below questions to see if you qualify for three sample packs to share with your travel companions.

♦Safe to flush; Sewer and septic safe
♦Available in tubs, reclosable refills or resealable travel packs (this item)
♦Premoistened with aloe and vitamin E.
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First thing I noticed about the package was how slim and easy to carry it was. My son said they were easy to carry to and from the restroom and I found them very easy to carry in my purse, which is already too bulky as it is.

My son said they were very soft on his bottom and it dried very quickly which is a huge plus when on the go. Nobody likes to walk around feeling damp.

Overall, these are the best wipes I have found for the on-the-go, easy to conceal option I have been searching for. These will be great for road trips, camping trips as well as everyday on-the-go use. Very pleased to be able to try this product and will definitely be buying these convenient little packs in the future!

Where can you find these travel wipes?

I have seen them in my local Walmart for as low as $0.97 per pack! They can also be found at select grocery stores in your area, as well as on Amazon by the case.

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