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Coupon Shopping 101


1. Stockpile shopping should be kept separate from regular shopping to avoid any confusion in your mind or at the register (once you become a pro, you will start blending your shopping trips). If you have overages using your coupons, you can then go grab meats, fruits etc. to make up for that overage. Another good reason to keep a sheet is so that you know if you will have an overage ahead of checkout time. Some stores will not give you credit for those overages, but you may be able to apply that overage to other items.


2. Create a list based off the deal alerts and your research of the ads. Make sure to put down details on what coupons you will be using so it is easier to track them in the store, as you shop.


3. Organize your spreadsheet by aisle and then keep your coupons in that order as well. Organization makes coupon shopping trips much easier, saving you time.


4. COUNT YOUR TOTAL COUPONS– this way you can check that the total coupons scanned at the register match how many you gave the clerk. It is easier to correct a mistake right away than to come back later. I like to watch each coupon as it is scanned to make sure that coupons double if they are supposed to and each coupon is scanned correctly.


5. Keep Like items together in the cart and put them on the register belt the same way. If you can keep these items in sync with your lists, it is easier to watch the prices and make sure they are right and keep you on your budget.


6. Let the cashier know up front that you will have many coupons and ask if they would like them up front, with the items, or at the end. For coupons that let you try a product for free, the cashier must enter the price of that item when scanning the coupon. I like to keep these items at the end of the belt so that it is easier for the cashier to look up the price on the screen.


7.When doing multiple transactions, keep in mind that you may need to go to the end of the line in between transactions if the line gets too long. Be courteous of others in this way and by also not cleaning out the shelves!!!


8.Invest in a cheap printer (like the Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer). This is a great printer for couponers because it prints TONS of coupons before running out of ink and the replacement ink cartridges are pretty inexpensive on Amazon. You can also consider refurbished ink cartridges to save money also. You will be printing a lot of coupons!

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