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Cascade BzzCampaign

You’ve got life upgrades in spades: Whether taking steps into parenthood or taking steps into a new place to call home, there’s a lot going on. Why not upgrade your dishwasher detergent with Cascade® Platinum™ ActionPacs™? With 3X more film-fighting power, better grease cleaning abilities and rinse aid action powered by Shine Shield, these tough-on-grime dishwasher packs make it easy to clean even the hardiest stains. Formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn®, ActionPacs™ clean tough food stains better than six bargain brand detergent packs combined. That’s why it’s the #1 recommended detergent by North American dishwasher manufacturers.


As part of this campaign, you’ll get a FREE 8-pack of Cascade® Platinum™ ActionPacs™! These ActionPacs™ are specially formulated with:

• 3X more film-fighting power
Shine Shield formula that rinses away residue

•Exceptional dishwasher cleaning abilities

•More cleaning power than six bargain brand detergent packs combined

•Dawn®’s grease-fighting power


UPDATE: This was a HUGE hit in my house!  I have been using it on my morning toast or english muffins.  The buttery taste was not disappointing.  We use real butter in our house so we were very skeptical about this spread, but we were not disappointed.  I used it in our Horizon Macaroni & Cheese last night.  I did not tell the boys so that I could see the reaction and they loved it!  They ate 3 helpings each, which I have never seen them do.  They both said it was the yummiest they have had.  I love that it is 100% plant-based, non-GMO, vegan, lactose-free, egg-free, casein-free and with 0g of trans fat.  For those Mommas out there who try to give their kids the healthiest they possibly can, this is a great product to grab! Loving the new @Earth_Balance Spread @Kroger #EarthBalanceSwap #GotItFree

Earth Balance® Spreads don’t just fit perfectly with almost any meal you could enjoy. They’re also the perfect compliment to the conscious lifestyle you try to lead. 100% plant-based, non-GMO, vegan, lactose-free, egg-free, casein-free and with 0g of trans fat, Earth Balance® Spreads are perfect if you’re following (or striving to follow) a plant-based diet, have dietary restrictions, stick to sustainable ingredients or, most importantly, just love great tasting food.


• Coupon for a FREE Earth Balance® Buttery Spread of your choice
• $1-off pass-along coupons to share with other Kroger shoppers
• Earth Balance® recipe card so you can try your spread in a variety of dishes
• Earth Balance® bamboo spreader to help spread the buttery goodness

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