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BzzAgent is a social marketing company I have been involved with since 2011. They use word of mouth advertising to promote products for different companies. Since becoming a member, I have enjoyed tons of free products to try, in exchange for my “bzz”ing about my likes or dislikes and giving them feedback on each product.

It is free to sign up and you fill out surveys to develop your potential product profile. Based on that profile, they will send you invitations for products you use or would likely use. You try out the product and then “Bzz” about it. You can “Bzz” by submitting reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more. The more social you are in sharing these “BzzReports”, the more campaigns you will receive. BzzAgent helps you get the word out to friends and family with samples and/or coupons to hand out. You also get points on MyPoints to exchange for rewards. The program is an excellent way to try something before you buy it and keep on that frugal path!


If you would like to join BzzAgent for free , CLICK HERE.


See all my campaigns for Bzzagent HERE!

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