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Creo Friendsgiving Party (Creo Smartglass & Collapsible Food Storage Containers) (Review)

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This party pack by #Creo and #Tryazon was AMAZING!  My only negative (and is easily overlooked) is the lack of lids for the 3 bakeware provided.  The dishes cooked the food for our Friendsgiving very evenly and only took slightly longer than normal.  The collapsible food storage containers are my favorite part!  With these storage containers, I can finally get rid of my “tupperware cabinet” as these will easily fit in a far smaller space and stay organized.  I will be expanding my Creo collection very soon!

Please read more about Creo below:


Creo has a Latin origin that means, “to create.” It begins with expressing the originality and creativity of home chefs who have their own distinct tastes. They are avid and enthusiastic artists, treating their kitchens as their studio’s for self-expression. But our inspiration extends beyond the cooking process, making the company as important as the cuisine.

We are a brand tailor-made for a new generation looking for products that help create lasting moments.

Introducing Smartglass™

Creo Smartglass™

The innovative kitchen material that’s simply brilliant™.

Your kitchen is all about creation, not compromise. That’s why we designed a line of bakeware with Creo Smartglass, an innovative material that produces applause-worthy results you’ll be proud to share.

We start with some of the strongest glass available, then temper it to be more resistant to temperature change, known as thermal shock. While most tops out at 350ºF/176ºC, all Smartglass pieces can go up to 450ºF/232ºC, which promotes the nutty caramelization that helps make your favorite dishes so special. The final touch is a beautiful yet durable ceramic exterior in picture-perfect colors that complement your creativity and help set the mood tableside.

  • – Revolutionary combination of a tempered borosilicate glass interiorwith a ceramic exterior for more consistent performance
  • – Safe from oven to table to freezer
  • – Highly resistant to thermal shock
  • – Heat resistant to 450ºF/232ºC
  • – Nonreactive materials ensure consistent cooking
  • – Dishwasher, oven, microwave & freezer safe

For more information about Creo please visit:

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